Thank you to the 100 attendees to the OSTA 2017 annual meeting!

A special thank you to our round-table participants (Valerie Bogard * Tabb Group, Tom Conigliaro * IHS Markit, and Chris Tiscornia * Cowen, Westminster Research)  for an invigorating discussion on MiFID II.

I cannot forget to thank Jay Meagrow for his extremely important help orchestrating the golf outing. I am not sure how he change the weather from rain to sun.

Thanks to PCI Entertainment for the great Vegas Night fun, your dealer are very funny.

Congrats to the Raffle ticket winners: Angela D’Angelo, Russ Greenspan, Jenn Dougherty, Michelle Moore, & Brian Kowieski.

We were all inspired by the charity presentations and still urge you to change your world, help someone no matter how small the gesture!

BTW, Brian donated his winnings to a charity, very inspiring.

I wish Dino Lucarelli the President for 2018-2019 the best of luck.

I have finished my seven year of service and have learned so much by participating in the STA government and leadership.

Best of luck to the OSTA, John Helton Past-President (2016-2017)