Dated: September 23, 2013


The object of this Association is to promote the general welfare of its members, to establish, and maintain high standards of ethical conduct, to provide the benefits to be derived from industry networking, and to expand education opportunities for trading professionals in the securities business. We as an organization also recognize our responsibility to give back to our society by fostering charitable giving of our organization.



The name of this Association shall be OHIO SECURITY TRADERS ASSOCIATION, INC.



Sec. 1  – Membership shall consist of two classes, Active members, and Emeritus members.

Sec. 2 – Active members shall be persons actively engaged in buying from and/or selling to, other registered brokers and dealers in securities. They must have authority to commit their firm in such transactions and shall have done so for at least one year. Should such member become engaged in another line of business, his membership shall automatically terminate at the end of the subject fiscal year.

Sec. 3 – Emeritus members shall be persons who have retired from the securities industry.  All Emeritus members will be exempt from dues, and their names shall not be reported to the National STA as members.

Sec. 4 – Any member of the Association who is now or may hereafter become engaged in the military service of the United States shall have his dues or assessments waived during the period of such service. Their right to membership shall be held open for one year following the termination of his military service.


Officers and Board of Governors

Sec. 1 – The administration of the Association shall be vested in a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Charitable Officer and a Board of Governors.

Sec. 2 –  The Board,  including the Officers, the Past President and up to six elected Governors shall serve two year terms, except the President, who shall serve the first two years as President and an additional two years as Governor.  At the expiration of their terms, Governors have the option to move to Officer, or be re-nominated for Governor in the current election. A Governor must take one year off the Board, if He/She does not move to officer after serving two terms (two year term). The Past President will retire from the Board after two years of service, for one year, and then be eligible for re-nomination in the regular Board elections. The board of Governors and Officers are entitled to one vote, even if they hold multiple positions.

Sec. 3 – Officers must be located in the Ohio Security Traders Association contiguous geographic region.

Duties of Officers

Sec. 1 – The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and shall serve as the first committeeperson to the National Convention.  The President shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Association, shall appoint committees not otherwise provided for, and shall be ex-officio member of such committees. The President shall retain all historical organization records, including minutes, agendas, and by-laws during their term. When the term has expired they will give the records to the newly elected President.

Sec. 2 – The Vice-President shall fulfill the duties of the President in his/her absence.

Sec. 3 – The Secretary shall retain current meeting records of the Association, and shall produce meeting minutes and agendas. He/She shall give notice of all meetings, furnish all complete records as necessary to the National Association, give notice of the nominations and elections and will notify candidates of their election to office or membership. He/She shall conduct and execute all business as that becoming office. Upon fulfillment of office the Secretary will give the records to the incoming Secretary.

Sec. 4 – The Treasurer shall receive all moneys and keep account of same, make such reports as the President may request, qualify each member in good standing with the National Association and submit a written report at the end of the fiscal year.  He/She shall be empowered to sign all checks and contracts and make proper disbursements only after such obligations are certified as being correct by one other officer. The Treasurer shall keep all historical financial records, and upon fulfillment of office the Treasurer will give the records to the incoming Treasurer.

Sec. 5 – The Charitable Officer shall be in charge of all organization, and tracking of the Associations charitable giving. They will be the contact person for charitable giving requests. They will conduct “Split the Pot” at meetings, organize Season of Giving submissions and subsequent vote. They shall be in charge of budgeting and tracking of charitable giving and provide summary reports to the Board. The Charitable Officer cannot hold the office of Treasurer at the same time.

Sec. 6 – All Officers shall serve without compensation. Officers and Board Members can be reimbursed expenses directly related to executing their positions on the Association.

Board of Governors

Sec. 1 – Upon reasonable notice, the Board of Governors shall meet at such times and places as may be designated by the President or by any three members of the Board of Governors.

Sec. 2 – Seventy Five percent of the Board of Governors shall constitute a quorum.

Sec. 3 – The Board of Governors, by a majority vote shall appoint such National committeemen and alternates as may be necessary.

Sec. 4 – Any Governor who fails to attend three successive meetings, without sufficient reason, shall thereby forfeit their office.

Sec. 5 – Should a vacancy on the Board of Governors occur, the Board shall appoint a member to serve the unexpired term.

Sec. 6 – The Board of Governors shall have the power to adopt all necessary rules for the conduct of the business of this Association, and by a majority vote of the Board of Governors, shall control the acceptance of new members and the discipline over all members.


Sec. 1 – At all meetings the order of business shall be substantially as:

  • Roll Call
  • Reading of minutes
  • Report of Treasurer
  • Report of Committees
  • Old & New Business
  • Adjournment

Election of the Board of Governors

Sec. 1 – By the end of the 3rd quarter, the president shall send a request to the membership for nominations to the Board of Governors. The Secretary must receive from the Board all names for open governor positions.

Sec 2 – Within the first week of October, the Board of Governors election ballots shall go out to the membership. Each member will receive one vote for each open board position.

Sec 3 – By the end of the second week of October, Votes will be due back to the Board and will be calculated. Board Members are selected by a majority vote, from most votes retained to the least, up to six board members. A member relinquishes their votes by not voting, and those votes will be cast by the current Board of Governors .

Sec 4 – The voting results will be given to the membership at the Season of Giving meeting. Members that have been elected to the Board may be notified early to foster transition.


Fiscal Year

Sec. 1 – The fiscal year of the Association shall begin January 1st and end the succeeding December 31st.


Sec. 1 – Dues for membership shall be set by the Board of Governors and shall be payable in second quarter of the active year.

Sec. 1(A) – Of dues collected, each Active member shall be qualified with the National Association in the amount necessary for membership therein.

Sec. 2 – Non-payment of dues for 30 days after the end of the second quarter shall cause a member to be suspended. Reinstatement shall be at the discretion of the Board of Governors.


Sec. 1 – The Constitution may be amended at any meeting by a vote of not less than two thirds of the active members, either present or represented by proxy, provided that written notice of the proposed amendment has been served on the Secretary, signed by five members in good standing and that a copy of the amendment has been sent to all members by the Secretary at least ten days prior to the meeting. An amendment to an amendment may be put without notice.

Sec. 2 – The constitution and By-Laws will be reviewed by the Board every two years.