11/11/16 (updated 1/16/17 for annual meeting details)

Dear Ohio Security Traders Association Membership,

I prefer Microsoft Excel over Word, any day. I have never communicated long eloquent letters. That makes past OSTA Presidents letters from Geff Gioia, Kathy Hutka, or Sean Burke so special. Whenever I write a letter, Linda Heuman usually sends back a red line corrected response. (Good times, Linda was always right though.) I do need to communicate the changes instore for “your” OSTA in 2017, and explain decisions made at the end of 2016.

Let me start with 2016. The big one, we cancelled the 2016 Season of Giving in Columbus. It caused a conflict on the board, but I felt we needed to conserve our funds for the 2017 annual meeting. True, we did not give out the charity gifts in November 2016, but we will at the Annual meeting June 15/16, 2017, it was merely a postponement.

There have been OSTA Board changes in 2016.

Bob Luckey resigned, and John Meyer moved to Philadelphia. We wish them well. Dino Lucarelli (Fifth Third) has assumed the duties of Vice President as well as Treasurer, while Mike Shields (Renaissance Investment Management)

added duties of Assistant Treasurer to his Secretary responsibility. To that note, we need volunteers to step up to board positions specifically from Cleveland and Columbus. Presently members are concentrated in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, in that order. The current OSTA Board members committed to a 2 year stint, and we must train new board members to ensure the continuation of the OSTA.  The normal Board progression for 2018-2019 would be for Dino Lucarelli (Cincinnati) to become President, Mike Shields (Cincinnati) to become Treasurer, and I would become a Past-President. We need Board members, especially from Cleveland.

So for 2017 what should you expect from the OSTA?

We have reserved the Hilton Cleveland Downtown for June 15, 2017 to hold our annual meeting. With Jay Meagrow’s assistance we have reserved the gold outing June 16 at the Mayfield-Sandridge Country Club (Cleveland). The annual meeting will feature: will have one event a year that will incorporate networking, charity gift awards, dinner and topical speaker. We have searched for other date to hold the annual meeting that do not conflict the re-balance and believe it or not, the dates are taken by other affiliates, even in the fall. So we stuck with our original date of  June 15/16, 2017.  We will upgrade the annual event, using the savings on money normally spent on regional meetings and Season of Giving dinners.  To the membership, should we keep the Vegas night activity after the dinner, or use that money toward open bar, any ideas are welcome? Ideas are welcome.

2017 Sponsorship and financial health

 Sponsorship is big issue, and every OSTA member can help raising 2017 sponsorship funds. Let your coverage know you would like them to support the Ohio STA. The smaller STA Affiliates across the country are having to deal with a smaller sponsorship budget, while the larger affiliates have seen minimal change to an increase of sponsorship’s. We are financially healthy for 2017, the bank balance is $61k, enough to pay for the annual meeting and charity giving, but little else. We have cut the 2017 sponsorship contribution levels, hoping to improve sponsorship. The top level is $5,000 and the bottom is $1,000, it was $7,500 and $1,500.



We are currently at 51 members and renewal will go out around March. The renewal from will be lowered from $170 to $150. This is a great value as the costs per person for the annual meeting far exceed that amount. We always need new members that live and work in Ohio, and qualify under the Bylaws Article II Section 2 “Active members shall be persons actively engaged in buying from and/or selling to, other registered brokers and dealers in securities. They must have authority to commit their firm in such transactions and shall have done so for at least one year. Should such member become engaged in another line of business, his membership shall automatically terminate at the end of the subject fiscal year.”

 Included in the membership renewal, I would like to have every paid member vote on a selection of 4-5 charities (selected by Dino & Mike) they would like the OSTA to support for the 2017 charity giving. We will determine the gross giving amount based on the sponsorship levels.


We have made changes that not everyone agrees with, but will ensure the continuation of the Ohio STA in 2017. I hope to have one great event vs. multiple small ones which is less taxing on everyone. The annual meeting should be a fresher quality event held around June 15/16. We need board volunteers especially from Cleveland and membership support to get sponsors for 2017.  With this I wish everyone a Happy Holiday’s with friends and family. For those who have lost loved ones this year you have my prayers. Remember that no matter what happens in the world keep the ones closest to you closer, we need each other to make it.

Best wishes,

John Helton, OSTA President, Board members Dino Lucarelli and Mike Shields.




Dated: September 23, 2013


The object of this Association is to promote the general welfare of its members, to establish, and maintain high standards of ethical conduct, to provide the benefits to be derived from industry networking, and to expand education opportunities for trading professionals in the securities business. We as an organization also recognize our responsibility to give back to our society by fostering charitable giving of our organization.